7mm/8mm/9mm Steel Pocket Shot Pinball Balls


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7mm/8mm/9mm Steel Bearing Balls High Quality Pocket Shot Pinball for Outdoor Sports slingshot Hunting Shooting Accessories
Material: Stainless steel
Color: picture color
Size: 7mm
Purpose: slingshot accessories
Features: multipurpose & durable
Quantity: 50 or 100 gram
Product list:
1 X 50g
1 X 100g 

Additional information


Mainland China

Feature 1

slingshot professional slingshot

Feature 2

Outdoor Sports

Feature 3

Hunting accessories

Feature 4

Hunting Equipment Accessories

Feature 5

Flat Slingshots Hunting Rubber Band

Feature 6

Stainless Steel

Feature 7

Shooting Accessories

Product Size

7mm 8mm 9mm

Product Color



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