Portable Water Dispenser Aeration Pump




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1. Efficient Water Pumping and Oxygenation: The electric water dispenser pump provides efficient water pumping while also oxygenating the water, ensuring a healthier environment for your fish.
2. Hands-Free Operation with Intelligent Sensing: With infrared automatic sensing, the water dispenser is activated by simply placing your hand near the sensor. This feature enables you to effortlessly dispense water without the need to physically touch any buttons or switches.
3. Smart Mode for Enhanced User Experience: In smart mode, the water dispenser uses advanced infrared sensors to detect your hand motion. Simply wave your hand over the sensor to start or stop the water flow, allowing for a hassle-free and intuitive operation.
4. Powerful Performance for Optimal Fish Care: The water pump ensures a powerful water flow that meets the needs of your fish and other aquatic life. With its robust motor, this water dispenser delivers an instant burst of oxygen, guaranteeing an ample supply of oxygen for your fish.
5. Long-lasting Illumination for Night Fishing Convenience: Equipped with high-power LED lights, this water dispenser provides long-lasting illumination, making night fishing more convenient. The bright LED lights not only assist in illuminating your fishing area but also make bait preparation easier during low-light conditions. Specification:
Origin: Mainland China
Color: Camo, Blue (optional)
Material: ABS
Host size: About 12.6 * 7.2 * 3.3cm/4.96 * 2.83 * 1.30

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 4 cm
Magnet Fishing





Repair Kit

Brand Name



Mainland China, Mainland China


Camo, Blue (optional)

Host size

About 12.6 * 7.2 * 3.3cm/4.96 * 2.83 * 1.30 inch


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